Who We Are


I am Debra – a person working to regain a healthy life.

It just works better when attempting big changes to share the journey with other on the same journey. I started this website for folks to give and receive support with their weight loss and health projects. Join us!


Why a Membership site?

Commitment is a necessary part of the process. It is my sincere hope that you will be an active participant. Read the articles. Post in the forums. Get to know other members and achieve the results you want. The cost is minimal ($8.85 per month) and the rewards (with commitment on your part) will be a slimmer body and a healthy, energetic, active life.


What is included with Membership?

Membership will give you full access to the website including all of the articles, recipes, forum and fully functioning Tracking journal (track calories, carbs, blood sugar, water consumption, activity level and more), plus you will make friends and find support among the other members.


A Few Words About Me

I am just like you. My goals are to regain a healthy life with energy to fully participate in life and to regain a slimmer, healthier body.

I have been obese for most of my life (though I was a dancer in my youth with a rocking body… smile…) Excess weight has led to a host of health issues. I am an insulin dependent, type 2 diabetic. I am also a three time cancer survivor. The jury is still out on whether obesity contributed to my cancers but it sure did not help. As my weight increased through the years my activity level decreased. I have a very sedentary life with little energy. To tell you the truth, it stinks! I deserve more than the quiet, stay at home life I have been living for the past few years. Being fat robs energy. I want that energy back. I want to invite you along for this life changing adventure to a healthier life. I will give you the most up to date information I can find on weight loss and provide a supportive environment for you to become healthier and more energetic as I attain the same goals you are working toward. Let’s do this together!

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